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Loan on Term Deposits

Security Lien on following deposits
1. Fixed Deposits Receipts
2. Yogakshemanidhi Deposits Receipts
3. Recurring Deposits
4. Daily Deposits
Margin 10% of the value of the Deposit
Maximum Repayment Period The repayment period of advance against deposit shall not exceed the period between the date of availment of loan and the date of maturity of deposit.
Release of loan The proceeds of the loan amount shall be paid to the party’s SB/CA. Or through Banker’s Cheque
Maximum limit 90% of the value of the Deposit
Interest rate and interest application frequency 1. Interest rates 1% above the rates applicable to the pledged deposit
2. The Rate of Interest will be charged and compounded at monthly intervals and interest so charged will be capitalised
Service Charges Nil
Additional Information Advance against term deposit will be granted to a third party only if the Depositor/s gives a consent letter authorising the Bank to grant such advance. In such cases the Advance Application shall be submitted by the third party along with the duly discharged FDR, take delivery letter, Authority letter given by the depositor/s. The third party pledge letter should be in the format prescribed by the Bank.