As per RBI Notification dated 28-08-2015, our bank will remain closed on All Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays

Gold Loan @ Rs.1800/- per gram of gold

Administrative Office IFS Code SRCB0NCB001

Customer can operate from any Branch through ABB Facility

LC & Bank guarantee facility available

One among top 50 co-operative banks in India

Largest Co-operative Bank in Karnataka

1% Rebate for prompt payment of EMI

ATM Facility available in selected branches

The maximum exposures limit for single borrower is Rs. 14 Crores

ATM facilities available at Gandhi bazaar, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Yeshwantpur, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Banasawadi and Mysore Branches

“To be an ethically based, efficiently managed, financially sound Urban Co-operative Bank, providing need based quality customer service by committed and dedicated workforce by introducing innovative banking products using state of the art technology and thereby strengthening the banking sector in general and urban co-operative banking sector in particular.”

Contribtuion of the bank for Economic Welfare of the members

The membership comprises of lower and middle class and to some extend upper class. In the initial stages, there were large number of State/Central Govt. employees, banking/insurance company employees, employees of Public and Private Sector Undertakings. There were also in small numbers the traders, professionals, businessmen, industrialists etc. Over a period of time the membership policy has been liberalized and now the members comprise of individuals from all walks of life like salaried class, professionals, self employed, traders, women entrepreneurs etc. There are also in few numbers Partnership firms, Societies and Companies as members. In the initial stages, the focus was on sanctioning large number of unsecured advances and housing loans. It is to the credit of The National Co-operative Bank, that the Bank helped in granting loans to large number of members in the form of Surety Loans for purchase of sites, construction of houses etc.

The National Co-operative Bank helped large number of members in purchase of sites and houses, construction of houses and flats etc when housing loans were scarce in the banking sector. As also there were lots of cases where education loans were granted to members for the education of their children. It is the proud privilege of the National Co-operative Bank to say that more than 1 lakh members have availed loans in the form of Surety Loans or Secured Loans for purchase of sites, houses, construction of house and flat and also in the form of Education Loan during the past 40 years. National Co-operative Bank also evinced special interest in granting need based finance for small and petty traders and also for establishment of tiny and small scale industries. More than 10000 such members have availed credit facilities and succeeded in establishing their business ventures

Vision 2015

Inspired by the 840 crore business achievement, your bank by the year 2015 plans to achieve :-

  • Business of Rs.2,000 crores
  • Low cost deposit ratio of 30%
  • CD ratio of 70%
  • Gross NPA to be maintained below 3%
  • Net NPA at zero
  • 15 branchs with ATM network.

Vision 2020

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